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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Be careful in your postings in Facebook

Facebook is the number social networking site in the world today. It is a venue where you can meet your friends and family. You share pictures, videos,  and even post messages on their "wall".  I see a lot who devote a lot of time to update themselves about what people say in facebook. Some people even use facebook to pour out emotions, like frustration, joy, anger, disgust, hope, and many more. There might not be anything wrong with that, but you have to choose your words wisely, since you are broadcasting to the world.

Well, a couple here in Cebu is in hot water after they posted nasty comments about a local politician. They are now being sued for libel. Click this link for the news article from Sunstar Daily. I don't know if the case will prosper, but it is a warning that you can actually be sued if you say libelous things on your facebook wall.  A personal message won't be libelous but posting a shout out might cost you. 

More and more employers now check the facebook accounts of applicants. Many people are not accepted in a job because the applicant did not pass the facebook test. The things that you say in facebook could hurt or help your chances in getting your dream job. Also be careful with the photos that you post because it might send out a wrong impression about you. Just imagine posting a picture with you drunk and puking all over. Your friends might think it's a funny picture, but outsiders might assume that you are an alcoholic.

Always think about what you say or do in these social networking sites because many eyes are watching. ;)