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Monday, August 15, 2011

Death Care in Cebu

For the past 3 months, I have gone to wakes for people that were part of the family, family of friends, and even forum mates. It made me realize that death care is a very important industry, especially here in the Philippines. Filipinos care for the dead. It is not uncommon to see people sending flowers, mass cards, and even cash donations to the family of the dead.  We hold wakes for 9 days and even more. Masses are offered every day and prayers are said until the 40th day and anniversaries.
The industry is very much alive and it has supported a lot of people. From flower arrangers to priests, to embalmers, to choir singers, to funeral make-up artists, to caterers, and to many more. The industry is key in making each funeral special.
One of the newest buildings for this industry in Cebu is the new St. Peter's Memorial Chapels located in Imus Street. It has several chapels that are fully-air-conditioned and has 24 hours Wi-Fi connection. For the grieving families, the chapels have a bedroom, refrigerator, and bathroom inside. St. Peter's even has an online wake, where people from abroad can view the wake via the internet.
Recently, my wife's lola passed away and the wake was at St. Peter's. It was not hard to find people to attend the wake and stay till morning since the chapels are all air-con and the seats can double as beds. All in all, the place was impressive for a funeral home. As an added service, the staff made a video presentation that showed how lola was in her life. At the interment, St. Peter's has redefined what a funeral car should look like. Our family was truly grateful for the service that St. Peter's has offered to the family.

On behalf of our family, I would like to thank everyone who condoled with us.  We really appreciate it.