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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tips: Where to eat in Ayala Center Cebu when you have a limited budget?

Ayala Center Cebu is one of the major malls in Cebu City. The impression of many is that Ayala caters more on the "richer" market segment. The Class A and B is indeed the market most shops in Ayala Center Cebu but it does not mean that you cannot enjoy malling when you are on a limited budget.

One of the major expense of malling is food. If you really want to be full, typically you might need to spend around 100 pesos per person on a meal.  There is actually a place in Ayala where you can spend less but get a filling lunch. It is called Mall Express Cafeteria.

The Cafeteria is located at the highest floor near Fitness First Cebu. It serves viands carenderia-style. A good meal could be less than 50 pesos ($1.20). Mall Express offers a lot choices from vegetables, meat, fish, pancit, and dessert. The last time I went there, I paid around 328 for a meal for 5 with drinks. Check it out!

With their prices, you will have more money for movies, clothes, or Time Zone. ;)

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