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Friday, August 19, 2011

On the Barili road mishap

Two days ago, an accident in Barili claimed the lives of more then 10 people.  The driver of a government-owned dump truck lost control of the vehicle causing death and injury to many people.  The truck was supposed to transport the passengers to the cemetery to attend a funeral.  It is so ironic that the dump truck indeed brought them to the cemetery. Not for someone's funeral but their own.

It is a usual practice in the province that the munisipyo would lend a truck or a vehicle to constituents that are burying their dead especially for those who are from far-flung barangays. It is sad to think that this kind of accident happened. Here in the Philippines, funerals are well-attended. Our family systems here are very much extended and just like fiestas, many people would come to the wake. The mourning family typcially takes of the food for the visitors. It goes with saying that having a well-attended funeral means that person is well-loved.

After the accident, some politicians and officials are now saying that the trucks should not be used that way. They might have  point since the dump truck was actually a garbage truck during mornings but what about the needs of some people? There are still towns in the country that has barangays that so far from the town center. Many people do not have a means of transportation. It would be easier if during a funeral, only 2 people will attend. A habal-habal can surely solve that. We are talking about tens of people? Should the provincial government provide buses now for each town? Maybe. 

There is a need for mass transport in every town in Cebu and definitely, dump trucks are not the solution. If you have a good idea in mind, tell your mayor or the governor.