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Monday, August 1, 2011

POGS CEBU Fun Run July 31, 2011

Yesterday, we joined the run organized by  Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society (POGS)-Cebu Chapter. The run was called Save A Mother From Hemorrhage, Women’s Health Celebration. The run was organized to raise funds to assist pregnant women who lose a lot of blood during childbirth. Since Mama Flor, my mother in law is a proud member of POGS the whole family joined the fun run.

I came from a wedding the day before and I thought I would not be able to wake up early. At 3 AM, I was already awake and I willed myself not to go back to dream land. I woke up Steph at around 4 AM and at 5, we were in Ayala Center already. Boy, it was really crowded there. The run was well supported and I saw pregnant women and young children joining the event. It was not a surprise that when I read the news, POGS Cebu was able to achieve its target of P200,000 to aid 60 patients from Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center and Cebu City Medical Center who will be needing blood once they give birth.

There were 4 distances in the fun run. 15K, 8K, 3K, and 1K. The 1K run was specially created so that pregnant women, menopausal women, and cancer patients could join. There were many special awards given to the group who joined the 1K. This is the first run I joined that gave special importance to pregnant and menopausal women. This is all thanks to POGS Cebu and their advocacy to cater to pregnant women, menopausal women and the cancer patients and survivors.

Steph, Mama Flor, Papa Noly, and I gamely joined the 3k event.  I took my camera with me and shot some photos when I had the chance. We jogged a bit, ran a little, and walked a lot.  We almost took 30 minutes to finish our 3k but the fun did not stop after we reached the finish line. The event had many after-run surprises. There was a raffle. Special prizes were given to some participants. For snacks we had Virginia Hotdogs and treats from Leona's bakeshop. There was also sampling for Anchor Shape Up. There was also a post-race stretch. It was a well-organized run and I look forward to join again should POGS Cebu organize another run.

All in all, we truly had a great run or walk as you call it.  It is nice to be able to exercise and also help a worthy cause. 

Here are some of the pics that I took in the event:

Early Birds

Photo before the run

At the start line of the POGS Fun Run

Turning Point at Juan Luna St.


This how to do a fun run

Rehydrate or get cramps!

Yes. We did it!

Sorry, you did not win the raffle

Post race talk

Anchor Shape Up!


The Real Winners