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Monday, August 29, 2011

Dong Juan Restaurant

On one rainy August night, the Rainmakers just came out from the launching of Azalea Place. We were driving towards Guadalupe looking for a nice place to have dinner. I was supposed to go to Moon Café but as I drove past it, I saw Dong Juan. Well, I got curios about what they offer.
The restaurant is relatively small. It is around 10 tables big. We decided on some good seats and ordered burger, pasta, pizza, and calamares.  We had fun and our food was served in a short time. 

 The presentation of the burger was cool.  The burger was on a plate half-open. It was served with sautéed mushrooms, chips, and catsup. The cheeseburger has lettuce, cucumber, pickle, and tomato. The patty was well cooked, thick, and juicy. If I go back there, I would order some burgers.

The All-Meat Pizza was just fine. The thin crust was crispy but it did not like its biscuity-texture. The size is good enough for four but you can definitely find better tasting pizzas in Cebu. In Dong Juan though, a pizza will be good item to our order for the group.

Calamares looked ok but what we had was overcooked a bit. It was a bit rubbery but the sauce was good.

I love the spicy ham pasta. I like the way it looked and tasted. I always love pasta with olive oil instead of sauce. The spicy ham is quiet good. 

The price was okay. It was not too expensive. I spent around 600 pesos for all four. The place was clean and the service was good.  If you want to know where it is? Dong Juan is in Emilio Osmena Street in Guadalupe. They also have a branch in Persimmon Plus in Mabolo.