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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Balikbayan Chronicles: Crazy "International" Foodtrip with Fabie and Elyse

On their second night in Cebu, my cousin Janice asked me to "babysit" her two youngest kids. Fabie is now 16 and Elyse is 14. Since the two cannot go to bars yet, I was tasked to give them a rated PG night out. The only thing I can think of is to have a food trip.  I know that they love to eat especially Fabie and they happen to have a Food Blogger wanna-be uncle. So, food trip is the way the go!

I remember last year, my wife Stephie and I brought the two to Chatime to have some milk tea and fries. Fabie also had a Bully Boy at the Army Navy Burger afterwards. This year, I wanted them to try something different. Fabie and Elyse told me that the food choices at Toowoomba was a bit limited.  So, I wanted them to enjoy and taste different cuisines from around the world.  Who knows, these two could become better food bloggers compared to their uncle. The theme of the night was Carlo, Elyse, and Fabie goes International!

Fabie and Elyse enjoying their Shawarma
The first stop of our unique food trip was Jafar's Shawarma Station in Banilad Town Center.  We were supposed to go to Pizza Republic but there was no open parking space so I decided to just move on and look for another place to eat.  I told them that instead of Italy, we have to go to the Middle East first and have a shawarma as a warm-up.  Shawarma is a slow grilled meat preparation that is very popular in Arab countries. At Jafar's, you can either have it in a wrap or with plain or biryani rice. You can also choose the meat. Jafar's Shawarma station has chicken, beef, chorizo, and even chickpea. The sauce can either be mild, regular or spicy.  

Fabie and Elyse both ordered chicken shawarma wrap while I had chorizo. Elyse preferred the regular sauce while Fabie and I had spicy sauce on our wraps.  They love it. I really like the spiciness of my Shawarma sandwich. I told my two nieces that it was just the beginning of a very belly-filling journey. We downed a bottle of water each before we headed to our next destination.

Next stop was Korea. We went to Pearl Meat Shop to enjoy a Korean barbecue from freshly-cut slabs of pork and beef. |Our meal was accompanied by unlimited vegetable salads, kimchi, and Korean soup. I was basically doing all the cooking while the two youngsters were busy eating.  It's nice to play chef sometimes as I am usually the one eating when I visit there place when they were still living here in Cebu.  After a filling meal, we went out exploring.
As we traversed A.S. Fortuna, we ended up in J Centre Mall. We were just looking for U-Turn slot because I wanted to go to the house so that my wife who was studying for an exam, can see the kids. Before exiting the mall, I saw a big yellow truck which got me very curios. It was the Big Daddy Truck. I did not know that a Big Daddy Truck is in that mall. I parked my car to see what it offers.  Based on the menu, the food truck have very nice looking sandwiches and burgers. Fabie and I wanted some but unfortunately, they were closed already. Too bad, we got denied in the USA leg of our gastronomic journey. I made a mental note that I need to eat there soon.

Since there was road construction in Hernan Cortes and I could not pass, I called my wife and told her that we will get milk tea first before heading back home.  When it comes to milk tea, there is no other place with this two but Chatime. For the second straight night, I went to Chatime I.T. Park for some milk tea. The place was full that night so we have our tea to-go. I also ordered a drink for Stephie.  Since there was still space for our stomachs, I decided to drive towards Pizza Republic which was supposed to be the first stop of the night.  The two little Polotans finished their milk teas before we reached the newest pizza place in Cebu.
Pizza Republic was still packed even late at night and we were lucky to finally find a parking slot. I told Fabie that in this restaurant, we are going to design our own pizza. I went for my go to Pizza which I called "The Carlo" while Fabie was left at the mercy of his pizza attendant. Fabie made a white sauce pizza with meat, mushrooms, and olives. It was not bad for a first timer but Fabie knew he can do better the next time. We brought our pizzas at home and Stephie was able to enjoy it as well.

I was really full that night and I know both kids had a belly busting experience. We started in the Middle East and ended up in Italy. I am hoping to repeat it someday when I discover more new places to go here in Cebu. I really had a grand time "babysitting" the two.

'til next time, Fabie and Elyse!!!

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