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Monday, July 14, 2014

Renewing my S & R Membership

After several months of dillydallying, my wife and I finally renewed our S&R membership.  S&R has been one of the coolest grocery store I've ever been to.  It has a lot of items that you do not usually find in regular supermarkets here in Cebu. To be able to shop at S&R, one has to be a member.  The annual membership is 700 pesos and the supplemental membership is at 400 pesos. A member can bring up to 2 guests per visit.

The renewal just took us around 5 minutes and after that we were able to shop.  There were many cool items at the store and if you are an impulsive buyer you will surely end up buying more than what is needed. S&R has a good selection of goods that includes gadgets, home appliances, clothes, pillows, blankets, furniture, detergent, food, beverages, toiletries, and personal grooming items. 

Just like other warehouse shopping outlets, most of the items comes in the largest packaging. If you keep on picking up the nice things, most likely you will have a very large bill to pay. I ended up really paying a lot in my first shopping spree after my renewal.

Another nice thing about S&R is that they have excellence choice in their food service. The pizza, burger, salad, rolls, and chicken are delicious. Their pastries and ice cream selection is magnificent.  I really ended buying and eating so many things that day.  I do not know when I will be back there but for sure, I will be bringing a lot of cash next time just to be sure.
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