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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's more fun in Cebu: Papa Kit's #summer2014

Looking for a cool adventure? One nice place to go to in Cebu is Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon in Liloan.  A couple of years ago, this place is only known for its zipline. I actually had my first zipline ride at Papa Kit's and I have been bringing friends there ever since. I went back there with a couple friends early in the #summer2014.  I was letting some of my loyal property associates experience some sort of adventure. We were planning to go to Balamban but I felt that it was too far so I decided to just go to Papa Kit's.

I normally go to Papa Kit's to ride their zipline but this time I wanted to explore the place and try out new things. The group wanted to find out what other activities we can do at the resort.  The first new thing that we saw is the wakeboarding facility.  Nezte and I were really curious on how it feels to ride the wakeboard.

After checking the new facility, the group decided to try the zipline first.  I did not join anymore since I have done it several times already. Ariane, Febe, Nezte, and Juliet enjoyed their ride.  Grace decided not to do it since she was very scared.

Papa Kit's has a rock climbing wall for those who are into this sport or for those who just like to know how it feels like to climb a cliff.

The next activity that we did was horseback riding.  It was actually my first time ever to ride a horse. I was given a chance to ride my horse with minimal assistance.  It was fun and my attendant actually took dozens of pictures with me riding the horse.  Steph, Grace, Kim, Nezte, and Juliet also rode a horse.  Some of us had a chance of riding a running horse and I almost fell off. Luckily I was able to regain my balance and finished my 50 peso ride with any injuries. I will most likely ride a horse again when given a chance. 

The main event of our Papa Kit's Experience was Nezte's or "Kneel Armstrong's" attempt at wake boarding. The group had a bet on how many times will he fall before he figure out how to properly wake board. Nezte said probably 3 times while the other guessed around 4-7 times. Well, Mr. Kneel Armstrong fell around 12 times in his first run.  He became better in his second run with only few falls while he had a flawless 3rd run. Nezte had the time of his life and we had the time of our lives laughing at his (mis)adventures. 

We had a really fun summer day at Papa Kit's and we are hoping that the next time we visit there, their will be more of us doing the "Kneel Armstrong" with our newly minted wakeboard guru Nezte Virtudazo. ;)

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