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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Instagram-Worthy Places in Cebu: Cafe Race Diner

I have been an Instagram user for a while and that app has helped me in looking for interesting places to go to or #foodporn-worthy dishes. It's also a good app for someone who wants take photos or even #selfies in picturesque places.  Instagram has been a platform for bloggers and other creative people to show off their work.  It is also an app where some people really try show off about the happenings in their lives and try to generate likes and follows. 

For Instagram fanatics or #igerscebu, there's a new place that could really help you get a lot of likes on posts.  Recently, I was able to visit a new diner in Ouano Avenue, North Reclamation area. The Cafe Racer Diner is a newly opened restaurant that serves typical diner food like hotdogs, burgers, milkshakes as well as rice meals and barbecue. When I stopped by, I was only expecting to have some decent snacks while waiting for my wife who was coming from the Santo Nino Church.  

The place at first looked like an abandoned old gasoline station turned into a chic eatery but I when I went it in, I was in a way floored by how nice it was. Almost every square foot of it is Instagram-worthy.  It does not look like your typical restaurant or cafe here in Cebu. It was a like dream concept  that turned into reality of someone who is into cars, motorcycles, recycling, and interior decoration. Oil drums turned into chairs in one area then the cashier area is housed inside a classic Volkswagen van. I really feel that this place will be a favourite among Instagrammers.

This wall poster is perfect place for selfies or to take an #ootd pic with a race vibe. Motorcycle riders should visit this place at least once and wear leather jacket and an old school helmet. A couple could even ask the friendly staff for a nice #sundate pic on this table and the staff are more than willing to help you in getting that like-worthy pic. 

VW fanboys will definitely have a photo at the counter. It is really hard to find a VW van nowadays but you can find it everyday at Cafe Racer Diner.  There are even some tables that have car hood table tops in the outdoor seating area.

Here I am with my solo pic with a Cafe Racer. A Cafe Racer is a light-weight, lightly-powered motorcycle optimized for speed and handling rather than comfort — and optimized for quick rides over short distances. according to Wikipedia.  A Cafe Racer is a stripped down bike that became a popular ride of European kids who hopped from one cafe to another. I would probably like to take this one for a spin.

The place is also a #foodporn and #happytummy haven.  The price as expected was higher than fast-food burger joints but its Instagram potential is 10 times greater.  My burgers came in a wooden chopping board while my Vanilla milkshake was in a "recycled" mayo glass. The owners are probably conscious about social media.  I like it. The taste? Well, it was not a #foodgasm moment but it was a great meal. The 205 pesos I paid for the meal and the place is quite a bargain.

Well, well, well, look at where they grill their food. That's a football tailgater's dream. Grilling your food in the hood of your classic beetle is just awesome.  Their pork barbecue by the way is only 15 pesos a stick and they also serve beer. 

All in all, the place has a lot potential.  I have not really tried all their specialties but judging by the crowd traffic, I think they are serving excellent food. Cafe Racer Diner is not only a perfect place to make Instagram posts, it is actually a great place to chill. One of these days, I will definitely go back with a group  and have an easy and relaxing beer night there. ;)


  1. I keep on passing by Cafe Racer and has been planning to drop by for the nth time. :) Really interesting and their burger looks promising.

  2. will try to visit cafe racer kapag nakapunta na ko ng cebu hehe

  3. I am an Instagram fanatic and just like you, I also check what is new or any updates for trip side corner here in Davao using #DavaoFoodie or #igersdavao.

    I've been to POLITICS Cafe in Cebu and I love that place. Next visit I will try this place, Cafe Racer.

  4. I like the volkswagon concept for the grill and the order station. I would definitely have my instagram shot there.

  5. I like instagram too. It's so easy to share photos from our cphones. Cafe Racer has a vintage theme. I love it!

  6. That grilling place is so cool. I like the idea, it seems being utilized very well.