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Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 in Review : Subic Trip

The next stop of our summer escapade was so Subic.  Subic was like a 2 hour drive from Makati so we basically started our day early.  We rented a van we spent the next 5 hours at Subic. Our first top was the Treetop Adventure.

At Subic's Treetop Adventure, we were able to experience the Superman Ride, Canopy Ride, and the Tree Drop adventure. Of the three, my favourite is the Tree Drop but it was also the quickest one. I actually wanted some more.  The Tree Drop is like a mini-skydive and it simulates falling from a tall tree.  The actual experience probably last less than 2 seconds.  It is so quick but I really like it.  The Superman Ride is basically a Superman Zipline. What I like about their zipline is that it looks so safe and sturdy. The Canopy Ride is a slow zipline tour of the preservation site.

Our next stop of our Subic Adventure was the Zoobic Safari.  At Zoobic, we were able to see  up close different wild animals.  It was highlighted with the Safari where we got so close with some Lions. The lions were fed just a few inches from us. After the amazing safari, we were able to enjoy the native aetas doing their tutubi dance.

The whole trip was a bit tiring but all in all it was really worth it.  I really had fun and I could probably go back there in the future with another set of friends or probably my future children and grandchildren.

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