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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Instagram-Worthy Places in Cebu: Yolk Coffee and Breakfast

A new all-day breakfast place will soon become an instant hit to Cebuano Instagram users.  Yolk Coffee and Breakfast is setting itself up as Instagram hotspot by encouraging diners to post using hashtags #yolkcafeph and #cebueats.  The management is also active in social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Here are some possible hashtags for you when you are at Yolk Coffe and Breakfast:

Free Wifi at Yolk Coffee and Breakfast

The place has a very good wifi connection and they encourage you to use their hashtags or follow them in social media. #YolkCafePh has so far have 2,000 plus posts and it is trending up.

Having coffee Yolk Coffee and Breakfast

#DOTD #DrinkoftheDay.  Yolk has so many interesting coffee creations that you can post several #DOTD or #latteart photos.

Cebu Omelette at Yolk Coffee and Breakfast

The food is quite good.  #Foodgasm is expected. Bountiful #Foodporn shots possible. I had #happytummy when I visited this place.

Enjoying Breakfast at Yolk Cebu

Each table has a different background. There is even one with a world map as a background so you will get unique #selfie pics or #coffeemugshots photos overtime you visit. Just make sure you pick a new seat.

Yolk Coffee and Breakfast Mabolo Cebu

You can somehow feel at home at Yolk Coffee and Breakfast. You can actually pretend to have breakfast at home there. You can pose at "your" new sofa and boast it in instagram.

Yolk Coffee and Breakfast is a nice place to have a feel good meal.  It would be nice to go there now while there are still few regulars there.  The prices are not cheap but the food has the quality and taste to match the price.  Yolk is located at Tres Borces Street, Mabolo, Cebu City. From Ayala you drive/walk to F. Cagabug Street (Panagdait).  You turn right at the street after Bread after Bread just a few meters from the J. Luna intersection.

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