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Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 in Review : Foodtrip at Resorts World

Last summer, I finally got to see Resorts World Manila.  The one thing that I can remember in my time at Newport Mall was the yummy food that I ate there.  The mall is filled with excellent dining choices. I only ate 2 but I was really happy.

The first restaurant that we visited there was Recipes.  We were looking to grab a fast dinner before watching a movie. Recipes is all about Pinoy food.  We had our fill of Filipino favorites like binagoongang baboy, lumpia, and park belly.

The second restaurant was Red Crab.  Red Crab has always been my favourite way back when I was working in Manila.  I love seafood and I love those big crustaceans. I remember when I was still with Volkswagen, now Atty. Micoy dela Fuente and I would save money just to eat the seafood club buffet at Greenbelt.  We ate so much that we felt drunk because of those delicious and humongous crabs.  My heart beat faster when I saw the Red Crab logo at Newport mall and I told my wife that we got to eat there sometime. We finally had a chance because we had a late flight back to Cebu and we decided to have our last meal there.  No regrets, I really love it there.  How I wish it was eat-all-you-can.  It was not perfect but I went home to Cebu with a happy tummy. ;)

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