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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sinulog 2015 Moments: I got Visitors

Sinulog 2015 was very eventful for me.  I enjoyed the Sinulogs in the past as a Cebuano who is celebrating his city's biggest festival but in 2015, I became more of a host/tour guide/historian.  I got visitors from out of town who are experiencing the Sinulog for the first time.

Maan and Lot are fellow Business Directors of Robinsons Homes. Maan handles a team in Pampanga while Lot is based in the Cavite/Batangas area. Their visit was somehow unexpected because I prefer for them to come in 2016.  Last November, they were like saying they are going to come to Cebu and I challenged them that if they can find a flight and a place to stay then I will surely be their tour guide /host here.

Visiting Cebu's Magellan's Cross
First Stop: Sto. Nino Church and Magellan's Cross
They arrived Friday at 5 AM in the morning. It was too early for me but I still manage to wake up and pick them up at the airport. It was the last day of the novena and the first thing we did was to attend Mass at Sto. Niño Church along with Stephie. They cannot understand the mass because it was in Bisaya but nevertheless, they were patient enough to stand, listen, and pray. We took a group photo at the Magellan's Cross upon the insistence of my wife. 

Hotel in Cabangcalan Mandaue - Cinfandel Suites
After a breakfast in McDonald's, I drove them to their hotel, the Cinfandel Suites in Mandaue.  They got a good deal with the hotel.  They paid around 4,200 for 3 nights which is a bargain during the Sinulog season.  The hotel is located in Cabangcalan, Mandaue which is just 5 minutes from my place.

Lechon Belly Store in Parkmall Mandaue

Cebu's Original Spicy Lechon Belly

Sucre City Times Square Mandate City Cebu

After a little rest, I took them out for their first Cebuano meal.  We headed down to Parkmall and we had lunch at Cebu's Original Lechon Belly. Lechon is probably the most popular dish in Cebu and the lechon belly has been the newest way to enjoy it.  Unlike the traditional lechon, the lechon belly is boneless and made mostly of the belly part which is the favourite part of many Cebuanos including myself. I ordered half a kilo of spicy lechon belly and some puso.  I thought I ordered too much but boy I was wrong.  The two girls really liked it.  It was an instant highlight of their trip. Lot told me that she will bring some to Manila when they return home.  After finishing all the lechon we headed down to City Times Square and ate some cake in Zucre. 

In the afternoon we bought our Sinulog shirts from Island Souvenirs.  Stephie then joined us for an early dinner of CNT lechon and steamed rice and siomai from Dimsum Break.  

It was an eventful first day which was more of an extended food trip.  I had fun and I am sure that my guests were happy.  It was a great start of a fantastic Sinulog weekend.

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