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Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 in Review : The Great Cronut Hunt

We were looking for some kind of unique pasalubong that we wanted to take to Cebu. There's JCo Donuts but we wanted something more extraordinary.  Suddenly we decided to have some cronuts. What the heck are cronuts?  It's a pastry that is a mixed breed of croissant and doughnut. Can you imagine the texture of croissant with the flavours and fillings of a doughnut?  That's a cronut.  The cornet craze started in NYC and spread around the world with the help of #foodporn addicts.  The craze trickled somehow to the Archipelago called The Philippines.

We started looking for these sweet goodies at SM Aura, then explored the coffeeshops and teashops in Taguig.  We found none. We ended up at Hotel Intercontinental in Makati where its Jeepney Restaurant have stocks. The great quest of looking for the elusive trees ended in VICTORY and we brought the cronuts home and lived happily ever after. ;)

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