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Sunday, September 11, 2011

ERUF 161 Run -- My Birthday run

It's September 11. It is my 35th birthday. The first thing I did? Well, I joined a fun run. I woke around 5 am, then went to join the ERUF 161 with my wife, my parents-in-law, and Lenmar. The run is part of the 25th year celebration of the Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation (ERUF). ERUF is Cebu's version of Rescue 911. They have been serving the Cebu residents in emergency situations for 25 years. Over 1,400 runners joined the run and the proceeds of the run will be used to buy a portable defibrillator which costs around half a million pesos. Mama Flor and Papa Noly have been members of ERUF for a long time.

It was the first time I joined a run with a Mandaue City Reclamation Area route. We did not really run that much (hehehe); but, all in all, we really enjoyed it. After the race, we had time to pose for some pictures and mingle with the other runners. It was a good way to start a birthday. ;)

Here are some of the pictures we took:

Stephie's fun run outfit

Me pretending to run ;)

Lenmar posing after running and puking

Ma and Pa, longtime members of ERUF

Eruf 161 Run - 9.11.2011

Smiling with the champ

With some of Cebu's veteran lady runners

ERUF 161 Results
25th Anniversary Dinner of ERUF