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Friday, September 2, 2011

Our new pet dog, Mocha!

One day, my wife texted me that she got us a puppy. Oh, a dog. Well, it has been years since we last had a dog in our house and we love dogs. When I picked her up, I saw this little puppy that she calls Mocha for her color. At first, Mocha was a bit shy and quiet.

When we arrived home, the dog suddenly became playful and started exploring the house. For now, it can live inside the house since it is less than a month old.  Mocha was found under a gazebo at the school where my wife works. The dog has 2 siblings and the colleagues of my wife from school adopted both. Mocha is a female puppy.

One thing I notice about my puppy was that it loves to bite things, especially my foot and slippers. The dog’s diet started with milk and we have slowly integrated bite-sized food.

My wife really likes the puppy. She gets excited when I bring the dog to her school, when I pick her up. She has been diligent in feeding the dog and cleaning her pooh and pee. Our room is full of newspapers because the dog sleeps in our room and sometimes pees on the floor.

It is fun to have a puppy but one has to have the commitment to really care for it and make sure that the dog will not leave a big mess.  I hope that our dog is enjoying its time with us.