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Friday, September 30, 2011

Places: Plantation Bay Resort

As an anniversary gift, Mama Flor and Papa Noly gave us a gift certificate in one of Cebu's best resorts. We were very excited because it would be our first time to stay at Plantation Bay together. It had been a few years since I lasted visited one of  Mactan's most popular resorts.

 We arrived early in the evening due to some work commitments.
 We were given a nice room at the Piazza Palermo.   We just loved the furnishings.  The color of our room had a very soothing quality.

 We even had a pool outside.   Actually, this was one of the many pools at the resort.

 We spent a rainy night exploring and taking some pictures.

The weather was better in the morning.  We had a clear, blue sky. Thus, we were able to continue our exploration. We could not stay long in one place though, since we had to check out at 12 noon. We spent time at Kilimanjaro Freshwater Swimming pool. I took a picture of Steph in a hammock at the East Saltwater Swimming Lagoon. I also took a quick photo at the Galapagos beach. Lastly, we had the Mogambo Falls to ourselves, although we were not able to use the slides. We had a fantastic 3 hours of swimming and exploring.
In the end, we were smiling when we left the place.


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