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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Food Trip: Dinner at Olio'

I recently celebrated my 35th birthday and I wanted to have a special celebration with my wife. For 17 straight years, she has been a constant presence in my life. That's almost half my life alreadyI was bent to bring her to a memorable birthday date. Well, 2 weeks after my birthday I took her out to dinner.

 I really wanted to bring her to a very nice restaurant that we haven't been to. I decided to drive her to Crossroads and have dinner at Olio'. For years, Olio' has been one of Cebu's best restaurants. The restaurant has been awarded as one of the best restaurants in the Philippines by Philippine Tattler magazine and similar publications.

 Olio has 2 storeys. We picked a nice table at the ground floor. The place is clean and nice. The servers are quite attentive and responsive.

If you want to take someone special for dinner, Olio' is a great choice.

 We were served hot bread and butter while waiting for our orders. They will actually add more bread upon request.
 In celebration of their 8th year, they have this eat all you can promo. For 899 pesos, you can eat as much USDA Nebraskan Prime Rib Eye. I decided to have this meal for the night.
 Steph ordered a generous serving of four seasons shake.
 Here is my first steak. I had this medium rare to start my dinner. I only intended to eat one or two for the night. It has been a long time since I had an expensive steak in Cebu. The last I guess was last year at David's. The portion size is adequate and my medium rare steak was cooked perfectly.

 My wife decided to get the Spaghettini with Black Truffles. She loved it.
 As a side dish, I ordered some mashed potatoes to compliment the Rib Eye steak.

 Second round! I had a medium steak. After finishing two big servings, I got really full. Good thing, I didn't order a drink because we were planning to have some dessert afterwards. A good wine would have gone well with the steak. I miss some Cabernet or Pinot Noir. ;)

We had a fantastic dinner in one of Cebu's best restaurants. Our server was even willing to take a nice photo for us. Hopefully, we can come back soon and try their other dishes and the wines.

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  1. Wow. Yeah, the food looks good but their food are quite expensive compared to other restaurant ,but worth it as you will be served only the freshest and best ingredients.

  2. Indeed, James. :) It's really a good place for special occasions.