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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Football is Alive in Cebu

Football has been one of the sports that have been gaining popularity in the country in the recent months.  This is mainly due to the performance of the Azkals in international competitions. Cebu has a very active program for its schools and football clubs. Corporate sponsors like Aboitiz have organized tournaments all year round. Last weekend, I witnessed a tournament in San Roque Football Field which is very near our house. 

I was very impressed with the kids and the other participants. Some were even playing past 11 am. It was hot yet the energy level is there and the crowd was enjoying the games. The tournament has many levels and there are games for as young as elementary age to people over 38 years old.

Football is indeed alive in Cebu and it has been alive for years. When I was in high school a few years back, my school was competing in the Coke Go for Goal. It was a national competition that has a city and regional elimination rounds. It was a great program and hopefully somebody would be willing to revive a national football tournament for high school or elementary players.

I do not know why is there no national football tournament for the youth when school interest and participation is at an all-time high. Before, I see my friends playing in empty fields. Now, tournaments are packed like what I witnessed this weekend in San Roque Football Field.  Basketball has Milo BEST, who can take the cudgels for football?