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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Food Trip: Cadmous Restaurant

There was a long holiday weekend last August 30. No work because it was Eid'l Fitr or the end of Ramadan for our Muslims brothers. Instead of just staying home the whole day, I wanted to try something different. I eventually decided to go into a gastronomic adventure with my wife.

I drove uptown searching for an interesting restaurant in Cebu. I ended up parking in the Century Plaza Complex and decided to check out a Lebanese restaurant. It was Eid'l Fitr so it was kinda fitting and timely.

The name of the restaurant is Cadmous restaurant.Since it was a holiday, we had the place to ourselves. Well, we were greeted by the very hospitable owner.   She gave us a menu. My wife and I are quite familiar with some of the items, like kebabs, hummus, and the like, since we have tried them in similar restaurants, like Persian Palate.  The difference I saw was the spelling of the items. The nice thing is that there is an English translation so that you will at least know what you are going to get.  There are also pictures in the menu so that, one can have an idea of what to order.

We had a hard time picking what to order, since the menu was quite long. One nice thing was that they had a meal deal, where set dishes will be served good for 2-3 people. I love to taste many items, so I decided to order meal deal 2. It included hommous, roast aubergine, tabouleh, cucumber yoghurt, kafta, and chicken shish tawouk.

When our orders came, my wife and I enjoyed what we ordered. I even had to order some extra bread. We would definitely come back to this place. If you are looking for some middle-eastern favorites, you should eat at Cadmous Restaurant. 

Hommous (Chickpea dip)

Tabouleh (a "spicy" salad)

cucumber dressed with yoghurt

Roast aubergine with the meats

It's hard to have a Lebanese meal without bread

Try this if you wanna spice it up some more

Clean plates!

Happy and full!

Cadmous Restaurant, Century Plaza Complex